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Salaamun Alaikum, 

InshaAllah this finds you well, we ask Allah to accept our fasts and deeds that we did during the Holy Month of Ramadan as it comes to an end and we ask that we are given a chance to experience its blessings again next year. We thank the community for their support and participation during the whole month of programs that we had and ask for their continued support after the month. We ask the community to contribute and donate toward the center's expenses so that we may continue having programs throughout the year, you can Zelle donations to 


Eid al-Fitr will be on Wednesday April 10th and please note the prayer will not be held at the center but we will be having it jointly at a different location


Takbeerat - 9:00am

Prayer - 9:30am

2809 W. Maryland Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85017


Please bring your own prayer rug and turbah as we will not have enough for everyone. 

Reminder it is a religious obligation (wajib) to take out Zakat al-Fitr prior to the start of the Eid Prayer. Zakat al-Fitr this year for our area will be $15/person. 

You can either give it in person when you attend the prayer or you can Zelle it to Al-Mahdi: starting from the night of Eid until the time of the prayer. Please note in the Zelle message whether the Zakat is for Syed or non-Syed. 

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If you have been benefiting from the programs held by Al-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation, and would like to contribute financially towards them and future programs, you can do so by clicking the donate button below which will open up a seperate donation page on Paypal. You will have the option to donate once or donate monthly. Or, if you prefer, you can scan one of the Donation QR codes below with your phone to be redirected directly to Zelle or Paypal.

Jazakallahu Khairan

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