About Us

Al-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation of Arizona was incorporated on November 12, 1998, as a non-profit Corporation. The purpose for which this Corporation is organized is the belief that Islam is a total way of life. Based on this founding principle, the Corporation endeavors to practice Islam as a way of life, to promote Islam in Arizona and beyond, to establish educational institutions whose curriculum shall include Islamic studies, to promote friendly relations and understanding between Muslims and followers of other religions, and the operation of the Foundation is to be chiefly carried on within the Arizona area.

The three original directors of the Foundation were Ali Nemer Saad, Hani Rahal and Ahmad Atriss. The Foundation first opened its doors on December 1, 1998, leasing two suites in a strip mall called Alma School Plaza, located at 753 S. Alma School Road, Mesa, AZ. By the Grace of God the Al-Mahdi Community flourished rapidly and quickly out grew the rental space which was only 2140 square feet. The Foundation relocated to its present location 1016 S. River Drive, Tempe on October 10, 2003, the eve of 15 Sha’baan 1424 AH, the birth anniversary of our beloved 12th Imam Mahdi Alaihas Salaam (Peace be upon him) for whom the Foundation is named.

Al-Mahdi Benevolent Foundation is a non-profit Corporation incorporated under the Non-profit Corporation Act of Arizona, ARS Sec. 10-2301. The Corporations ACC file number is -0857408-0. The Foundation is also a tax-exempt non-profit religious foundation under IRS Code section 501 (c) (3).